In 2020 we are excited to be running tours in both the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia and in South Tyrol, Italy.


These intimate small group tours has been specifically designed for English speaking men and women of all ages.


Participants (capped at 13 per tour) will spend a week together exploring the stunning natural sights and immersing themselves in the local cuisine and cultures of the region.


Christie Little (based in Australia) and Martin Kiem (a local of South Tyrol), co-founders of Frontier Wellbeing, will be your tour guides.


In these beautiful, natural settings, we will explore a range of wellbeing themes such as purpose & meaning, personal identity, belonging, joy and awe, stress release and energy management. All of which are scientifically proven to boost our psychological resilience.



Is this tour for you?

These tour programs are suited to women and men of all ages because we all deserve some self-care and time out of our daily lives to nourish ourselves mentally and physically. Taking time to connect to ourselves and other others through nature can renew our sense of belonging, identity and purpose whilst building up our resilience.


If you enjoy spending time outdoors, walking and talking, being awed by the wonders of nature, finding space to disconnect from the distractions to focus on yourself, making great friends and eating great food then this is for you!

February, 2020

Nourish & Renew Tour (Details coming soon!)

Blue Mountains, Australia


6-12 July, 2020

Mountain Life Self-Care Tour

South Tyrol, Italy


Please CONTACT US to register your interest and for further information.

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