Christie Little

Christie is the first internationally certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide in New South Wales, Australia. She offers nature connection wellbeing walks and retreats in both Australia and Europe.


She has qualifications and over 10 years of experience in biofeedback for stress and energy management, nutrition and wellness coaching, positive neuroplasticity mindfulness training. In addition she holds a First Class Honours degree in Economics and a Graduate Certificate in Change Management.  


As the co-founder of the international wellness consultancy, Frontier Wellbeing, and former owner and managing director of The Performance Clinic, now owned by KPMG, she is passionate about creating and delivering integrative and holistic wellbeing offerings that have the power to positively transform individuals and communities.

Christie in the media

Christie Little

Martin Kiem

Martin is the author of the forest bathing and nature connection publication, The Forest is Good for You. Reducing stress, strengthening wellbeing and health (2019).


Together with Karin Greiner (Apline Herbalist Expert) he has developed the leading professional accreditation in Alpine Forest Bathing. He also works with the Ludwig-Maximlian University in Munich for their Forests for Health Trainer program.


Martin and his wife Sarah are based in South Tyrol, the official Forest Therapy destination of Europe. He partners with the leading hotels in the South Tyrol region to offer a range of Nature Connection experiences to both local and international guests.


Martin uses his qualifications in Psychology (Leopold-Franzens-University in Innsbruck), biofeedback, nutrition coaching, positive neuroplasticity training and permaculture design to coach individuals and teams in order to and bring about positive and sustainable behaviour change.

Martin in the Media and his book

Martin Kiem

Sarah Gray

Sarah is a multidisciplinary artist, art teacher and permaculture designer. Growing up in South Africa and having lived in both the UK and Australia, she works with a variety of media to create artworks that are inspired primarily by the beauty of the natural environment.


She combines her qualifications in teaching (Bachelor of Art Education, UNSW) and Advanced Certificate in Permaculture Design with her love of beauty, her knowledge of biophilia and her passion for mentoring to bring about improvements in people’s mental and emotional well-being


Together with Martin, and their son Laurin, she now lives in South Tyrol and enjoys having a more nature connected life in the beautiful Alps.

Sarah Gray

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